Male Chastity Husband Or Chastity Slave?

Let’s be clear about something: that a chastity husband is actually a very different proposition in the chastity slave. But, unfortunately, for men and especially women that are seeking unbiased, true and sensible advice about male chastity more often than are bombarded with inaccurate and largely fanciful tales of enslavement and orgasm denial which do not stand up to critical scrutiny.At this time you might say there isn’t any injury to people posting their fantasies on blogs and forums, simply because they have the right to free speech and there’s no harm being done.

This is true. However, the same freedom of speech means I and other ladies and men who actually adopt the male chastity lifestyle are entitled to explain the inconsistencies and outright inaccuracies in what goes for”advice” on this topic.Watch…Maybe not Every Chastity Husband Wants to Submit His Wife Being a Chastity Slave.

Many men, such as my partner, John, wish to seize control only in this one narrow portion of their lifestyles: that isthey wish only to present their wives control in the climaxes. It does not necessarily mean they want to be feminised, cuckolded, mistreated or generally treated like a secondclass citizen.

Because in the main, men would be the ones driving a male chastity lifestyle, certainly at first, and frequently the very first thing their wife discovers about the niche could be the hype and crap making male chastity comparable to male slavery. Within my experience using a chastity husband is an flavorful and beautiful enhancement to the own lives, a fun and stimulating kinky sex-game played out over a period of days, weeks, months, and years.

A Chastity Slave, on another Hand Extends the Idea of Control to Other Areas of His Life. Depending on the degree of”slavery” you’ve both decided upon, this can be as straightforward as bedroom play to a whole lifestyle thing where he can as he’s told all the time or woe betide him. I wouldn’t want that and, as far as I can tell within my own research, nor do the majority of the women getting introduced to the male chastity life style with their men.

On the opposite side of the coin, most women don’t come across submissive men attractive. A number of do. Most don’t. And a few women experience dominance and”power” but, the majority of us do not. This is to not imply that we do not enjoy the strength of the femininity – that I think most women will confess to getting a kick out of knowing how her sexual allure may send men into a flat spin.

But that is a long, long way from needing to be considered a”dominant female”. The most crucial distinction is that a chastity husband wishes to surrender into his appetite where as a chastity slave wants to surrender his will. The prior is going to be more popular with most women as it does not mean if she adopts the male chastity life style her man needed to become habituated for her.He can, such as my spouse, remain strong, sexy and confident though possess that tiny vulnerability in which we need to buy – his desire for you being a female.

In Conclusion If you’re a woman whose man has confessed to her desire to embrace the male chastity life style and become your chastity husband, don’t be put off with the forums and hype that have you thinking he wishes to become your chastity slave.

Because it’s certainly not therefore, it will not always have to be the way and also the simple fact is most women and men would be more joyful if it’s not.Consequently, if you’d love to put a bit of life and passion back into your relationship, and have him excited to help and pamper you, like he did in the good old days, however without him being a sissy-boy doormat, then…

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Male Chastity Husband Or Chastity Slave?

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